The Minor planet Photometric Database is an initiative of Spanish amateur astronomers in order to photometrically analyze asteroids, contributing to the knowledge of these smaller bodies by obtaining its lightcurve.
Although there have been discovered more than 600.000 asteroids now barely 16.000 light curve (minorplanetinfo, October 2015) is known. From these curves could be found the asteroid’s rotation period, the amplitude of the variation in brightness or the ratio of its major and minor axes, among others.

Artist's impression of the triple asteroid system, 87 Sylvia

The group of observatories involved in this proyect is called OBAS (acronym OBservadores de ASteroides). They are a consortium of observatories that join forces in order to increase the Minor Planet Photometric Database with reliable photometric information. So, OBAS is independent of other entities, institutions or associations.
All observatories involved in this project include the Minor Planet Center code and are provided with CCD sensors and software for data capture, recognition and analysis of asteroids. They are located both in urban and semi-urban and rural areas without light pollution.